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Change Eye Color, Regular training of our staff and protection of our intellectual capital,
Continuous monitoring of our technical equipment,
Protection of world and EU quality policies,
Application of unconditional patient rights,

To be conscious that we represent our country in all our services,
Remember that Empathy is the most valuable investment,
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We are in the Change Eye Color service of your valuable patients with our specialist doctors, our expert staff and our advanced technological infrastructure.

change eye color with laser eye color change surgery change eye color safety

In the era of emerging technology, we see that what is impossible in the field of medical applications is realized. They are about to add another one in a short period of time.

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Lenses that are a technological development have entered our lives and the use of glasses has decreased with it. These lenses became colorful in time, and many of them, especially the ladies, dreamed of having a colorful eye. The use of colored lenses has put an end to the life of the eye, the pain that the eye wears, and even the damage that can be created over time by the eye, and the application of which can revolutionize the technological space.

Reasons for choosing our laser Change Eye Color techique:

The invasive trait is low, natural. It is more secure than other methods. An untreatable complication has not been found (but it does not mean that it will never happen). It is permanent for life. Like other methods, it is not an artificial but a real image. There is support from a physician who is experienced in professional surgery. The team that develops this method is practicing. It’s more economical. It is the most effective and the only method in the treatment of heterochromia.

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According to this practice, a particular frekans laser beam is held for 20 seconds on the iris layer of the eye, and this energy removes the brown pigment called melanin and reveals the blue color underneath it within two or three weeks. However, this method can only be applied to brown to blue conversions, and the process is not reversible, because the brown texture can not be reconstructed.

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