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Is ıt possıble to permanently change the eye color?

Yes, it is possible to change the eye color permanently. We can permanently change the eye color in two ways:

Laser application,
Artificial iris inserted into the eye.




How to change eye color wıth laser applıcatıon?

With a special laser applied to the eye-colored tissue, the tissue we call iris, a dark blue eye can be converted to a blue-green color. The color of our eye determines the number of pigment cells, ie dye cells. The pigment cells are dark brown.

If we have a large number of these cells in our eyes, our eyes will be black - dark brown. If the number of our pigment cells is moderate, then our light coffee is in the color of ela. If we do not have any pigment cells, then we have blue - green eyes.

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Change Your Eye Color Naturally

With laser, it is possible to dust paint cells and clean them off iris. In this case, the brown eye spontaneously turns blue.

Below you can see a color-modified eye with laser treatment: Before laser treatment the brown color of the eye is in a blue-green tone after the treatment.

How ıs the laser technıque applıed?

This operation is carried out using a new laser, which has been developed with a completely unique wavelength and which has an impact on the microscopic level and does not harm the surrounding tissues. After special preliminary preparation with a laser with specially adjusted, improved mechanism of action, the process can be repeated 3-5 minutes using a special technique of the person, it can be repeated according to the received side, changing the frequency of the sessions depending on the color of the eye. At the end of 1 month, the color change was observed and after 3 months, significant coloration was observed. Intervention with nonprofessional unauthorized persons to change the color of the eye may cause serious problems in the patient! This treatment is a long-term treatment, after a few sessions, and a few days, the final result is not obtained.