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Change Color Eye

The eyes mainly consist of 4 kinds of color. These;

They are black.
But I can call it hand-eyeing. However, the eye is brown and the eye is an open tone. In the same way, gray eyes are a clearer tone than green eyes.

Today, color lenses are used to change the eye color. However, contact lenses are not preferred due to both difficulty in use and dry eye trouble. The colored part of the eye is the iris layer. The iris layer consists of two dyes. These are choroidal retinas. The choroid is looking towards the front while the retina is looking backwards. This is why the tissue that gives color to the pus is choroid tissue. The more pigments the choroid gives, the flatter the eye is.

Can we permanently change the eye color?

Yes, you can permanently change the eye color. It is possible to permanently change the eye color by surgery. This operation is called Lumineyes surgery. In the operation of Lumineyes, the brown pigmentary wavelength in the eye is destroyed by a hidden laser beam in as little as 20 seconds, and within two to three weeks the eye becomes.

Another reason for the rarity of some eye colors is that these eye color genes are recessive, ie, recessive. In other words, genes with these rare colors are hesitant, genes with frequent colors are predominant, dominant. Research on the genes responsible for the eye colors is still under way and has not yet been clarified very precisely.

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