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Is the operatıon permanent?

Yes, the change of eye color is permanent and there is no return.

Suıtable for all people?

The tests required before the operation can be applied to all persons who do not have any problem to constitute. Patients who have had a successful Lasik or PRK operation in the past may also do so if they are eligible after the necessary tests.

Is there a rısk of beıng blınd or sıghted?

There is absolutely no risk involved. The process is done with laser only in the iris layer. The laser pulses made do not affect the inner part of the eye that is located in the retina related to the vision. The energy given to the laser to prevent the risks that may arise in the laser operation in the laser process is low and there is absolutely no risk of harming the retina with this energy.

change eye color with natural change eye color blue

Wıll ıt be possıble for the patıent to return to

work and drıve after the procedure?

After the process you can maintain normal life flow. Driving in the first few hours as a driver is important for safety.

What are the rısk factors?

In order to completely remove the pre-procedural risk factor, a small part of the retina is shot, after which a necessary examination is performed to determine the appropriateness of the eye. If this decision is followed by a follow-up decision, the occurrence of a complication that will cause the patient to worry or risk will go down to zero.


Will the eye be blue in all patients?

The natural color underlying the brown pigment is also generally blue. In some cases, however, colors of gray, green, and blue tones can also emerge. A person’s blue iris-specific color type sign depends on iris structure

Who can apply laser color changing operation with laser technique?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and does not have the above mentioned diseases can apply eye color change with Laser Technique.

How long does the operation of changing the eye color with the laser technique last?

The duration of this laser operation is the lifetime, this process has no return, the person will continue to life with the changed eye color.

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Can people who had undergone eye surgery have an eye-changing operation with Laser Technique?

They may be yes. If obstacle is detected during inspection, it is determined.

How long should patients from abroad in Turkey?

Close follow-up of patients is important. 7-10 days are required to remain in Turkey.

Does this technique fit all people?

change eye color with natural change eye color blue

This technique can transform the eye color of people with a heterochromia and / or tonal difference in their eyes to green, gray, blue, blue color. People who can not be treated are determined after preliminary examination.

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Is it done to those with blue-green eyes?

People with blue-green eyes do not have a big deal to do with this process, they can do it if they have heterochromia, or they can do it for patients who need more color. change eye color with natural change eye color blue

Can we predict the eye color with laser technique beforehand?

No, this laser response is different everywhere, it is not possible to know beforehand what kind of color and what kind of color will occur before laser. change eye color with natural change eye color blue. It is the opening of the eye color that is expected before laser, which can be in different colors (blue-green-ela-gray tones).

How is the laser technique applied?

This operation is carried out using a new laser, which has been developed with a completely unique wavelength and which has an impact on the microscopic level and does not harm the surrounding tissues. Special drips with special effect, laser with special effect mechanism and special drip after preliminary preparation, it takes 3-5 minutes to process by using a special technique of the person, it can be repeated according to the received side, changing the frequency of the sessions depending on the color of the eye.

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At the end of 1 month, the color change was observed and after 3 months, significant coloration was observed.the interference with non-professional unauthorized persons for color change can cause serious problems in the patient!this treatment is a long-term treatment, after a few sessions, and for a few days, there is no final result.

It is important to know the difference between the laser method and the artificial iris implant from the eye color change techniques. Lumineyes, which is especially popular recently, is a special frekans laser application. Healthy iris tissue is shot and melanin pigment is destroyed and eye color changes in 3-4 weeks. With laser application you can get the desired eye color. It is not possible to predict which color will appear after the melanin pigment is removed from the eye. Moreover, this method can not be reversed.

In the brown eyes there is a blue color under the pigment layer called ‘melanin’. Thanks to this developed laser technique, the brown pigment layer is removed. So the dark eye turns into a blue. This process takes only 10 minutes. Laser eye pigmentation turns into blue color in about 3-4 weeks.

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